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Ob železnici 8
Maribor, Upravna enota Maribor, 2000

StopTrik International Film Festival is dedicated to stop motion techniques of hand-made, spatial animation as puppet film, claymation, object or photography manipulation, animation of loose materials (such as salt, sand etc), pixilation, traditional cut-out and many more. The list of sub-genres could be complemented with such exceptional techniques as animation of lights, fire, yarns, threads. Artists' imagination is limitless and so we can be neither orthodox nor strict while defining the term "stop motion". The ultimate goal of this unique annual gathering is to admire and celebrate artistry of hand-made, spatial animation together with all the other drifters of the surreal, absurd or merry highways who are ready to pursue frame by frame illusion.


Student Jury

StopTrik 2017 Student Jury



StopTrik Jury_Kornel Nocoń.JPG

Kornel Nocoń

Film expert. A fan of the independent cinema, detached from the generally accepted schemes. However, he watches everything he can get − starting with the low-budget commercial movies up to innovative productions, coming from several European countries. Founder and editor-in-chief of the film portal: He also publishes on the other internet-platform:


StopTrik Jury_Paulina Januszewska.jpg

Paulina Januszewska

Student of cultural studies (film studies) at University of Lodz. I am interested in Asian cinematography, especially South Korean productions as well as French animation and non-fiction literature. 

StopTrik Jury_Klaudia Stokowska.png

Klaudia Stokowska

Born in Lodz, student of film studies at the University of Lodz. Activist, member of the Open Cage Association, editor of the, lover of Gaspar Noé’s films and the  Greek New Wave as well as a fan of music videos and animated short films.


Mateo Hočuršćak.jpg

Mateo Hočurščak

My name is Mateo Hočuršćak. I am a Master's Student of Philosophy and a journalist at Radio Študent. I am also a film lover and an eternally indebted to film as it was my entrance point into the world of art and philosophy. Why film? Film language has, before philosophy and novels, managed to intimately address me and to evoke a sublime sense of homeliness and unfamiliarity at the same time. A mutual relationship between film and life is a central aspiration of my constant return to film.

Vesna Liponik

Vesna Liponik, born in Maribor (1993), is a poet and an activist. She is a student of Comparative Literature and Literary Theory and Slovenian Studies. Her texts have been published in publications Idiot, Mentor, Apokalipsa, Literatura, Dialogi and in web portals Poiesis, Koridor and LUD Literatura. Some of her works have been translated into Serbian  (Rukopisi 38), German (magazine mosaik22, anthology Lyrik für Alle) and English (IdiotENG). Among others, she places her engagement in the field of photography, critical animal studies, feminist studies etc. She cooperates with the  association Za Živali!

Vesna Liponik, foto Betina Habjanič.jpg

veronika sekne_1600.jpg

Veronika Sekne

At the moment, I'm engaged in my stop motion animation with which I will also finish my studies. Because I'm awfully quibbling, I think stop motion and I go along pretty good. I'm really keen on creating things with my hands and dislike staring at the computer screen. When I'm not behind my messy work desk, I'm in movement, and to great joy of my closest people I also like to blot around in the kitchen. I gladly return to StopTrik and towards new challenges. 

Asja Trost


Asja Trost is an artist, working with video in form of animation, mapping and experimental film. She is involved in many international projects and is currently doing her master's in new media. Experienced in fields of design, theatre and film, she is

bringing the focus on the dubious mixture of the physical and virtual worlds, thus constantly following the development of the digital culture.

asja trost.jpg

Students Jury Mentor


Slave Lukarov

Born in 1972. Graduated in 1996 from the University of Architecture in Zagreb. 1997-98 Architect's Club Zagreb coordinator, since 1999 occasional film and theatre set designer; 2003 co-founder of the non-profit organization Otompotom; 2003 exhibited in the 30th Zagreb Salon; 2004-07 comics art director and publisher; 2008 participated in the World One Minute Expo, Beijing. Founder and organizer of art and comic workshops, an author of 17 short films, among them films made in collaboration with Ivan Klepac, such as "Banabana - Kako je Navis dobio šareno jedro" (2008) and "Pod konopima" (2010). He is a Festival Director of the Supertoon International Animation Festival in Šibenik, Croatia, a festival organized since 2011 at the Dalmatian coast that highlights achievements of contemporary artistic animation for matured and young audiences, entertaining feature of animated music videos and commercials, as well as feelings of enjoyment and excitement that can be found in animation art.