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The Sexual Struggle of Commodities


The Sexual Struggle of Commodities

igor unuk

The Sexual Struggle of Commodities/ Seksualni boj komoditet/ Sexuální boj komodit

Vilém Novák, Pavel Sterec

computer animation / 7′ / 2014


This film formulates the politically defined statement that radicalisation and sexualisation of desire, by which we are attracted to commodities, is a tool for the suppression of our compulsion to accumulate property. Its ideology paraphrases the 1932 book Sexual Struggles of Youth written by the psychoanalyst and Marxist Wilhelm Reich. The Czech translation was published by the Left Front and enjoyed great success. Among other issues Reich studied the relationship between sexual desire and the socialist revolution. The animation uses graphics made by 3D scanning; artefacts from the collections of the National Museum in Prague in zoomorphic and anthropomorphic form served as models for the virtual prints. The related theme of this film is that people are being objectified, while commodities are being anthropomorphised.